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Alpha Arbutin & Papaya Concentre with Sublime & Papaya Extracy  120ml Original soap kojic White gluta Papaya arbutin.



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Kojic White Gluta Papaya Arbutin 7 Days whitening Soap.
Seduce the sense with Kojic Gluta Papaya Arbutin Soap , ever alluring whit is mysterious charming profit. The Perfume soap foams generously when applied with water, making a creamy texture for gentle and luxurious cleanse. Made with floral essential oil it leaves behind a floral and fruity fragrance.
Papaya has certain properties that can help to bring back that healthy glow of years past.
The soap with papaya extract is used for problem skin and has anti-bacterial action.
Suitable for body, face
The soap treats different skin disorders and cleans your whole body efficiently.
Provides gentle clean. It rinses away, leaving skin and pores clean, smooth and refreshed.
The soap does not irritate the skin.
Recommended for:

· Anti-aging

· Acne

· Dry skin

· Moisturizer

Tips : Apply on clean and dry skin and massage in circular movement
How to use: Pour water over the face and body. Apply the soap to lather reach. Apply the cream to your face and body. Followed by massage gently for 2-3 minutes, rinse with clean water.

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