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Glutax 2000000GX Skin Whitening Anti-Aging 60 capsules

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Glutax 22000000GX capsules help  Whitening and nourishes the skin and makes the skin firm. 

Helps to remove dark spots and scars from the skin.

Helps to boosts the collagen production that will help to retain the elasticity of the skin.

Helps minimizes the size of the pores on the skin and prevents acne.

 Works as an anti-aging product by reducing the fine lines and hides the signs of aging.

 maintains the exogenous antioxidants like vitamin C and also E, in their effective kinds. it boosts human metabolism, toxins, and also the body immune system

Whitening Injection as well as their ingredients, keep the skin, healthy and balanced, and nurtured.

Glutax 22000000gs capsules produces collagen, which assists in skin lightening as well as boosts energy levels.

Smoothens the fine lines as well as wrinkles. Hence, it works as an anti-ageing formula, as well.

Help Eliminate  acne/blemish/pimples, inside your skin, reduces pores and enhances skin glow.

Whitening and lightening of skin tone

Repair of damage skin

Regeneration of new cells

Enhance skin texture

Moisturises the skin

Minimizing wrinkles and fine lines

Fair and radiant skin tone

Eliminate skin blemishes

Lifted and tighter skin

Youthful looking skin

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