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Satin Skinz Hithion Plus African Skin Whitening.


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Satin Skinz Hithion Plus African Skin Whitening & Anti Ageing Supplement.

An advanced whitening formula specifically made for African Skin Types.


Where science and nature meets together and gives you the best of the best in fairer, whiter and smoother porcelain skin!


Pack and sealed in a high tech factory where all the high quality ingredients been formulated and delivered directly to you!


☑ Whitens and Brighten your Skin

☑ Increase Skin Elasticity

☑ Enhance Protection Against UV

☑ Reduce Appearance of Dark Spots

☑ Increase Production of Type 1 Collagen

☑ Prevent Pimples and White Heads

☑ Enhance Healing of Wounds


You wouldn’t want to miss out right? box contains 15 sachets and is in powder form. Main ingredient is from HITHION - 10 times more potent than regular Glutathione. Because of it's potency, you just need to consume it every other day. But if you wish to become fairer faster, maximum consumption is 2 sachets daily. No more than that as it is very strong.

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