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Dear White Half cast whitenizer body milk super strong 500ml and Whitenizer VIP Shower gel 500ml.

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Dear White Half cast whitenizer body milk super strong 500ml + serum 100ml.



This product is not to be used on previously damaged BLEACHED skin that is caused by using harsh chemicals!!! Usage of moisturizing lotion or oil is recommended at least two times a week whilst using this product




Dear White Half cast whitenizer body milk ultimate super strong has spf 50 and is formulated with fruit acid to reduce hyperpigmentation and stimulate collagen production. Also Citric acid, stearic acid and many more effective whitening formular.




Dear White halfcast ultimate super strong serum Serum is formulated wirh fruit acid and almond oil. (Please do not use directly without adding into lotion). This powerful serum is formulated to clear skin of all blemishes; hyperpigmentation, black spot/knuckles, it will unify your skin.




How to use: Mix 50ml of this serum into 500ml of this lotion. You may increase serum amount base on how strong and fast you desire your whitening process.




These products are Exclusively FROM EVOB COSTMETICS known for their Consistent, wonderful innovatives of whitening formulars. Evob cosmetics are known to in formulating the very best effective whitening skin care.



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