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ROyal ultra booster whitening Iv skin injection 10mls

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ROyal ultra booster whitening Iv skin injection is an instant whitening Supplement. Resuts in just somefew hours you can see the change because there is additional vitamin c n super whitening healthy ingredients that glows/whitening the skin Changes will be seen as early after u inject this - skin will feel tight especially the cheek - skin feels moist and not dry - skin will look brighter than before injecting especially will see the under eye that has eyebad. Will see a significant change - body will feel lighter - for those who have knee problems will surely recover after the injection of royal ultra booster iv drip injection - skin is getting brighter day by day - make sure to maintain the injection if you want extra excessive glowing beauty -armpits, gaps will be bright whole body and more This injection is Authentic and it works amazing for extra extra skin whitening u can inject this iv drip twice/ 3x a month

How to use: dilute one rub in 250ml saline and start drip session for 20 to 30 mins 

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